Louie & Co.’s Boutique Doggy Daycare

You can trust the carers at Louie & Co.’s Boutique Doggy Daycare to keep your dog safe and stimulated while you get on doing the things you need to do with total peace of mind.

About Us

Hi my name is Reba and Louie is my son. We have always owned dogs and are passionate about their welfare, social development, health and happiness. We decided to create Louie & Co.’s to provide a safe, fun, social space for local dogs. Our aim is to create a boutique service – a small number of doggy guests who get bucketloads of attention, interaction, exercise and love. Think ‘family daycare’ reimagined for your fur baby. You can drop-off at 7.30am and rest assured your baby is in safe hands, having fun and working off that excess energy. Our facilities, located in Waverley, include indoor and outdoor spaces, sunshine and shade. And because your dog is special we keep our meat dehydrator working overtime making home- made, nutritious treats for our doggy guests.

Daycare … Playcare… it’s a Doggy Social!

$59.00 all day program

Our daycare package also includes a minimum half hour group walk to one of our beautiful local parks.

Our premises are conveniently located just minutes from Bondi Junction, which is handy if you work in the city or need to drop-off on the way to the airport. Our yard areas have trees for shade, dirt for digging, wading pools for a splash and sunny spots to catch the winter rays. We also offer the Club Room for those days when the weather is not doggy friendly because its either too hot, too cold or too wet.

Motel Services

Members of our daycare program are welcome to ask about our luxurious, homestyle boarding options. At Louie & Co.’s we have created the ultimate home away from home. Your baby will sleep in our house and have their own bed in front of the TV for after dinner relaxation. We only board a small number of dogs at a time so they get the individual attention and space they need to feel part of our family.

We only offer motel services to dogs that have come to know us through our daycare services. It means you can have a stress free trip because we know your dog and your dog is comfortable with us and the surroundings.

Our motel fee is based on 24hrs in our care and includes a half hour group walk in the morning and evening as well as full use of our daycare facilities.

We offer all day care on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. And ….. are you ready for it…… a late night pick-up option on Thursday evening so you can get the shopping done or have a drink after work knowing your baby is being fed, cuddled and entertained.

Daycare Rates


Full Day (6 hours or more)


– Includes 1/2hr group walk


7:30am to 5pm


Half Day (6 hours or less)

7:30am to 5pm


Thursday Night Only

5pm to 7:30pm

*Late pick-up fees apply $20 per half hour (or part thereof) to be paid when collecting your dog.

Motel Rates

Dogs who have been guests in our daycare service may request extended stays. Dogs are welcome for overnight, weekend or longer stays. We only accept a couple of dogs at any one time so all of our overnight guests enjoy lots of attention and feel right at home.

Our motel guests sleep in the house with us and have their own cushion in front of the tv for evening wind down time.

They will enjoy two half hour group walks per day as well as the full range of daycare services.


Per Night (24 hours)


Per Week

The health and happiness of our doggy guests is our priority.

We love them and we want to keep them safe, so we will only accept dogs that are up to date with all of their vaccinations & flea and tick prevention. A booking can only be accepted once we have received a copy of your dog’s C5 vaccination certificate when registering.

Dogs that show any sign of ill health when checking-in will not be accepted into care but we will give you the details of our fabulous local vet who is just around the corner. No one wants to be a surprise grandparent so all dogs over six months of age must be desexed.

To ensure everyone’s health and happiness, dogs must be of good temperament and get along with other dogs and people. If your dog exhibits an unreasonable level of aggression, you will be advised of our concerns and it will be kept in a safe but separate enclosure until you can come and collect.

You agree that the operators and/or staff of Louie & Co.’s Boutique Doggy Daycare can take your dog to the nearest vet if your dog becomes ill or is injured. We will attempt to call you and text you first but getting your dog the care it needs as quickly as possible is our priority.

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