About Us

Hi my name is Reba and Louie is my son. We have always owned dogs and are passionate about their welfare, socialisation, health and happiness. We decided to create Louie & Co.’s Boutique Doggy Daycare to provide a safe, fun, social space for local dogs. Our aim is to create a boutique service for a small number of doggy guests who will get bucketloads of attention, interaction, exercise and love. Louie & Co.’s Boutique Doggy Daycare also caters for older, frail dogs and dogs that are stepping down from vet care and need to be observed through the day. You can drop-off at 7.30am and relax knowing your dog is in safe, experienced hands. Our facilities located in Waverley, include indoor and outdoor spaces, sunshine and shade spaces for play or rest. And because your dog is special we keep our meat dehydrator working overtime making home-made, nutritious treats for our doggy guests.

Some dogs are super energetic, and hanker for a high intensity rumble in the dog park but a lot of dogs are not suited to that sort of exercise because of age, illness, temperament or conformation.

Louie & Co.’s provides a safe space, exercise and interaction on a gentle scale. We have a French Bulldog and understand the needs of brachycephalic breeds and the importance of keeping them cool during summer and warm in winter.

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